Mis à jour : 2 mars 2019

Stay safe on the road this winter! Follow CAA’s Top Tips for Winter Driving.

Snow, combined with cold temperatures, can make for dangerous road conditions. Following a few precautions can help ensure your safety on the roads.

Be Prepared

Keep cold-weather gear in your car: food and water, a flashlight, a windshield scraper, and blankets.

Ensure your tires are properly inflated and have plenty of tread.

Keep at least half a tank of fuel in your vehicle at all times.

Never warm up a vehicle in an enclosed area, such as a garage.

Be sure you have sufficient windshield washer fluid.

Keep a fully charged cell phone in case you need to call for help.

Top 5 Tips for Driving in the Snow:

1. Drive slowly. Always adjust your speed to account for lower traction when driving on snow or ice.

2. Leave a minimum of three seconds of space between you and the vehicle you’re following. Remember: it takes longer to slow down on icy roads.

3. Increase your following distance to five or six seconds. This increased margin of safety will provide the longer distance needed if you have to stop.

4. Know your brakes. Whether you have antilock brakes or not, keep the heel of your foot on the floor and use the ball of your foot to apply firm, steady pressure on the brake pedal.

5. Don’t stop if you can avoid it. There’s a big difference in the amount of inertia it takes to start moving from a full stop versus how much it takes to get moving while still rolling. If you can slow down enough to keep rolling until a traffic light changes, do it.

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