SpeedTrix returns to the Ottawa Gatineau Auto Show this March with a whole new display of custom motorcycles.

These photos show a couple of fan favorties that will be featured at the Auto Show March 21st to 24th at the Shaw Centre in downtown Ottawa.

Mike LeBreton of SpeedTrix says each bike his team builds is one-of-a-kind.

"We never do the same thing twice," said LeBreton. "We are bringing these bikes to the Ottawa Gatineau International Auto Show to show people what we can do. Every bike is custom built to the rider. We take measurements so the rider sits comfortably on the motorcycle. We measure legs, back and arms, and make the bike so your feets, knees, and hands are all in the right position. When you're not comfortable you're not safe".

SpeedTrix is located in Saint-André-d'Argenteuil Quebec. For bike enthusiasts the Canadian Iron coming out of the SpeedTrix studios is a source of national pride. Each bike is a piece of art that has propelled SpeedTrix to international fame, through word of mouth mentions, and also through the "History Channel" television show "Chopper Quebec".

The bikes shown here are only a hint of what will be on display on the fourth-level of the Shaw Center in downtown Ottawa during the Auto Show, which continues to evolve into an entertainment event that goes beyond automobiles and now also celebrates the art and culture of various forms of transportation.

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